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Janina Buzunaite - Zukaitiene is a Lithuanian painter, poet, accessories and metal sculptures creator. She has been a member of the Federation of   Canadian   Artists  (FCA) since 2000. The  abstract  thematic  is dominant  in  artist's  work and  expressionism   is  felt  throughout   all paintings. Author's fashion accessories are massive but at the same time very delicate.
Artist's Career

As art critic Rasa Sarkauskaite (2000) has noticed   Janina Buzunaite - Zukaitiene  entered  Lithuanian art  world  unexpectedly, suddenly  and impressively. The paintings were full of temperament and not bound by any rules - they did not follow art school rules. Art critics compared her work to well known Georgia O'Keffer who was painting in the beginning of the 20th Century. Especially, the  similarities are seen in  the  paintings collection   'Cactuses', the  same  synthesis of erotic , poetic  and  strong colours motives. Another art critic  Romualdas Alekna (2001)   referred to the artist as a  phenomenon defined   by Ignacy Witz in his book ' The great  self  taught  artists'  1961. Romualdas  Alekna  (2005)   has   also stressed that Janina Buzunaite-Zukaitiene never repeats herself, there are no  repetitive  motives - just all original work. Furthermore, the paintings composition is well balanced with abstract and figurative details.

Since    1999   the   author  has  already   had 30   individual  exhibitions nationally and internationally.
Janina Buzunaite-Zukaitiene
Janina Buzunaite-Zukaitiene
Janina Buzunaite-Zukaitiene
Janina Buzunaite-Zukaitiene
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