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Hello, my name is Nicola…


By day I run the rat race in the hustle and bustle of Canary Wharf and by night, that is when I become my true self and am able to show my true artistic flair through my art.  

I have always been creative, as a young girl I used to paint with my Grandad who was also an artist.  We would spend hours in the front room painting together.

I studied art at school and begin A-Level art, but at some point I lost my confidence and decided not to continue. I didn't paint for quite a few years, in fact not until my Grandad passed away, where I picked up my paintbrush again in his memory. 


Some years have passed since then and it is only within the last year, due to some self-reflection, that I have really realised my true potential.


I now cannot wait to get home from work to paint, I day dream about painting and I am inspired by my night dreams and their vibrant & vivid colours.


I really want people to enjoy my art work as much as I do creating them.

It is through my art that I get my true confidence and I can shout louder than I have ever been able to before!

Nicola Berry
Nicola Berry
Nicola Berry
Nicola Berry
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