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Infinity?Just another name for the endless time and space surrounding us.Infinity?just a named thing that we don't understand,among other infinite things that we don't know that they exist and we don't feel with our limited senses.The universe is extremly old and  young at the same time.So what?This is very important and  unimportant at the same time.Why we are here?why not?and  at the same time,WHY???...oh,who cares??and  still,sometimes we wonder.....we need  certainties,we need something to rely on because we are affraid of the beautiful,endless,cold dark chaos in the sky?....why do you think mankind invented these so often used signs:    !     and       ?       We can imagine.I think this would be a better name for what we are...
 I'm very curious of the level of happiness of the neanderthal man...who knows? it important?...

W E    C A N     I M A G I N E 
Liv Mircea
Liv Mircea
Liv Mircea
Liv Mircea
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