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Gary Iles’ dramatic acrylic and ink paintings mix narrative, hyperrealism and fantasy to create a shadow world of meaning. Iles uses tight close-ups and a chiaroscuro shading technique to capture his figures’ most speaking moments. Women, their heads framed tightly, are caught in the act of turning, staring, or holding a single object that prompts a million questions. Often only a fraction of a figure’s face is visible, yet it tells the entire story. Iles also frequently incorporates iconic imagery, from recognizable cities to famous faces, playing with our notion of intimacy and hidden lives. His minimal use of one or two colors at a time lends tension, just as his dexterous switch between highly naturalistic details and dreamy airbrushing brings conflict to his painted universe. The artist’s occasional environmental picture is equally layered with meaning and a palpable sense of human emotion.

Iles was born in England, where he continues to work today, creating work that is shown internationally. He has never received formal training, preferring to take his inspiration from “many life experiences and emotions.”

Represented by Agora Galleries, Chelsea, New York.

Artist for Athena u.k.
Gary Iles
Gary Iles
Gary Iles
Gary Iles
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