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Based in Workington, Cumbria, UK, but originally from Colchester, Essex.  I have drawn and painted for as long as I can remember although I didn't really pick art up seriously until 2010 when I went to college in Milton Keynes and gained a Diploma in Art and Design.  Following college in 2011 I decided to go my own way as an Artist/Illustrator, although my art doesn't earn me enough to make a living at the moment, so I have to work part-time to bring at least some regular income into the house!  I think that unless you're very lucky indeed, it's tough to make a living from art alone in this day and age.


Since moving to Cumbria, much of my attention with painting has focused on the beauty that is the Lake District. There is a wealth of inspiration right on my doorstep and I would be foolish not to try and take full advantage of it. 


I am quite versatile when it comes to my painting. I can paint in what I like to call a "naively realistic" style, using black outlines and lots of fine details. This style has always proved quite popular with clients because the end result is usually a painting that is cheerful, bright, often humorous and just generally a "feel good" painting overall.   I like to create art that people can relate to and connect with.  It might be a case that one of my paintings brings back fond memories of a time or a place, or even an object like a car.


However, I also love to paint in a more expressive/impressionsitic way where the fine detail is kept to bare minimum, using brushstrokes to suggest things rather than fine detail and there are no black outlines. My landscapes and seascapes etc are generally painted in this way because the subject matter really lends itself to a looser painting, where I can focus on colour, light and texture without being too fussy with detail.


I also like to experiment from time to time, trying fresh approaches to my painting. Doesn't always work though, but I guess that's the beauty of art.  Sometimes I have been known to start off a painting in a really expressive way, abstract almost, only to end up with something that falls between my naive realism and impressionistic, because I haven't known quite when to stop, so I've kept fiddling and tweaking! 


Ambition is something I am not short of. I basically have three ambitions with my art right now. 1) To make a living from my art  2) To get into book illustration 3) To paint murals (I've never done one and always wanted to!)  


Marty Strutt
Marty Strutt
Marty Strutt
Marty Strutt
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