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I am a self representing artist who views art as a means of expressing my true self. There's so much I want to discover and so much I want to say but time is so limited. That is why I favour acrylics as they give me greater freedom of expression by allowing quicker execution of the canvas without limiting authentic strokes. My intention is to reach people by establishing a connection so that we can share the depths of our hearts. In my paintings I aim to convey simple perceptions. The canvas is an opportunity to capture fleeting moments of something special evoking, perhaps, long forgotten feelings, in a style that I have defined as a blend of modern impressionism with a tinge of surrealism; the colours embrace you and you are left with a soothing sensation. I draw much inspiration from nature; I love light and the moods it creates. I see and hear the silent poetry behind it and that is what I try to depict. Ultimately I am trying to move something within a person by stirring feelings and provoking thoughts. When this happens my art has reached it's purpose, my paintings become conductors and energy flows back and forth.
Andrea Vezzoni
Andrea Vezzoni
Andrea Vezzoni
Andrea Vezzoni
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