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The essence of my work is to capture the transient nature of the face, to understand the sense of a person through images; the subtle, unspoken qualities unique to each individual. As a female artist, I am fascinated with revealing the hidden, reticent qualities in women. Much of my perception of women develops through studying the face, exploring how it is possible to know someone through their face. My paintings originate from photographic sources; however, this is merely a starting point from which the concept of the painting evolves.

I reveal my subjects in fragments, a metamorphosis, as remnants of the face emerge from the canvas. This fragmentation occurs by breaking the image down into traces that flow across the canvas, revealing the whole although much of the image is absent. I want to perceive what is essential, to see how much of the face it is necessary to reveal whilst retaining a sense of my subject.  This is an organic process that emerges as I paint rather than one that is premeditated. Since 2009 I have re-explored the importance of drawing to my practice and the fragmentation of my painting has naturally come into my drawing. I have been working with linear forms and the flow of the image, often in fine detail.

On both technical and conceptual levels I am experimenting with how I can push the boundaries of traditional oil painting whilst remaining true to its craftsmanship. I embrace the traditions of portraiture whilst challenging people’s perception of what it means to paint today, thus exploring the nature of representation in the wider context of contemporary portraiture.

Lorna Hooper
Lorna Hooper
Lorna Hooper
Lorna Hooper
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