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My name is Samantha Warden, and I am a self-taught solo artist working from my studio on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire, UK.

I have been painting since I was small. I love to create, and share my creations with people who want to experience the world with me through my work. 

My passions

I have several passions in my artistic life. One of these is my passion for nature. I love the natural world, and getting in touch with nature. I love nothing more that lying on the grass on a sunny day soaking up the sights, sounds and smells of my surroundings. Connecting with our natural world is so grounding; it takes us out of our hectic busy lives, and reminds us to enjoy the moment. There is so much beauty out there if we are willing to open up our senses and let it in. 

I also have an interest in the spiritual and therapeutic properties of creativity and art. Art has a strong influence on our wellbeing and our psyche, and can be used as part of a holistic approach to living a more positive life. 

Areas of my work:

Landscapes and Seascapes - The Terra Vista Collection

For my pieces I take inspiration from the countryside and seaside all around. I enjoy developing pieces that reflect the majesty and beauty I see in the natural world. I aim for an energy and flow to my pieces that come from the ever changing landscape, but I also aim to create a sense of tranquillity through the use of colour and composition. 

Flowers and Trees - The Verdant Cheer Collection

It is nice to take in the whole scene, but we should also not overlook the beauty and form in the detail. I love looking closely at flora to study the patterns, colours and textures of the subject at hand. I aim to create appreciation of colour and form in my pieces by creating stylised contemporary works. 

Spiritual and Therapeutic - The Astral Frogs Collection

The world in which we live today can make you question who you are, your place and how we all fit together in this modern world. It can sometimes be a negative and gloomy place, making us feel lost and alone, and void of positivity and energy. But through creativity and exploring our emotions I believe that it is possible to find our way to a more optimistic life. 

Art and creativity can have a strong effect on us both mentally and spiritually. The connection between creativity and wellbeing is a growing field, and there is lots of interesting results coming out of this area of research. 

I aim to explore the connections between creativity and wellbeing through my pieces. I hope to be able to advocate a holistic approach to wellbeing by creating pieces that explore therapeutic themes and support spiritual growth. My pieces are design to provide an uplifting and calming focus to support any journey to a more fulfilling and positive life. 



Twitter: @_SamanthaWarden

Samantha Warden
Samantha Warden
Samantha Warden
Samantha Warden
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