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I paint predominantly in oils, pastels and watercolours using premium materials using techniques of the old masters.  Pictures can take many hours to complete due the numerous layers of glazing in my oil work which gradually builds up atmosphere and help to retain the luminosity. I use the same layering technique wit pastel and watercolour to attain that backlighting that I love to capture.  
By drawing the eye, allowing the viewer to find their own alleyways and backstreets, maybe opening a door into another time. 
Historical depictions of East London streets and the docks are a current passion,  but I do enjoy the occasional land and skyscape.  Just depends on what inspires on the day. 
I hope to engage viewers by achieving atmosphere and impact by playing with both light and contrast.  I like people to make their own stories from what they see and feel when they view my work.  If you look closely at my cityscapes of East London, you will see layer upon layer of translucent colour and washes. Over these layers, I apply the paint using thicker layers using either my fingers, palette knives and even quills to make impressions upon the surface.   I like to think the layers of paint form a synchronicity with the layers of stories, seasons and changes that have left their layers upon the streets and buildings.                         
My abstract skyscapes are made using few reference points but using the same techniques as the city and landscapes.  Layers of colour and contrast help to give life and mood to the pieces and allow more freedom and colour experimentation. 
I hope you enjoy my work and please do get in touch if only to comment on what you enjoyed or if you have any questions.                                                 
Mary Swan
Mary Swan
Mary Swan
Mary Swan
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