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I started Art as a hobbiest, I am completely self taught and have not taken any art education. I first started showing interest in art back in 1990 most of which involved images of humans and of animal nature. In 2005 I lost interest in art when I realised making such images are forbidden in my religion. I ended up destroying all of my previous works of art which I kept for so many years for myself. Soon after I went into a manic depression and anxiety and for years I did not make any art. 
Not doing art for so many years made me rusty as an Artist. In 2011 I started to do my art again which did not envolve making potraits of people or animals. I chose a totally different subject of loose painting technique. This subject has inspired me by Monet, and other great impressionist. I opted this style of paintings with loose brush works because it gives me decipline with how far I can go before I feel that I'm ready to put my brush down. I first start by finding a good subject in my local area, I photograph, make a quick sketch and gather information before I paint my subjects in oils. It is very much rewarding when you are done, it also gives me stimulation and excitement when I am preparing to paint a subject that I have chosen to paint and complete. I would like to now share my paintings with other like minded people and make a career as well as enjoy the experience. 
Zyad Kiani
Zyad Kiani
Zyad Kiani
Zyad Kiani
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