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I was born in Manchester UK way back in 1960 and have been painting in oils since the mid 1970's. Whilst I did not take up any formal education in fine art per se, the training I received over a 5 year apprenticeship in the applied arts of signwriting and decorative painting have served me very well as I have enjoyed a career spanning over 35 years in what has now, due to technological advances in vinyl and printing techniques, become a very specialist art form.
                Throughout this period though, I have also enjoyed producing fine art in the form of my oil paintings. Many of the techniques and concepts between the applied art of my career and the fine art of my major hobby are very similar and I thrive on the crossover between the more technical aspects of signwriting and the creative freedom available when using oils on canvass.

                My paintings are inspired by reality and the natural beauty that can be found all around us. It's a sad fact, but we are inundated in today's world with news of the unpleasant or unattractive aspects of life. Another rain forest being destroyed here; Hostility between nations, factions or individuals; The declining economy and ecology....the list is long. But if we were to look away from this for a moment, we will also see all the beautiful things that surround us every day. The beauty of nature and wildlife; The beauty of love; The inspirational beauty of music and dance....this list is also very long.  My works are my window into this realm. The portal I use to see beyond the unpleasant and into the enjoyable.


Bob Waterfield
Bob Waterfield
Bob Waterfield
Bob Waterfield
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