In the Studio Artist Michael McEvoy

April 04, 2013

In The Studio with Artist Michael McEvoy

Today we’re delighted to be featuring the art of award winning contemporary figurative artist Michael McEvoy

About the Paintings

My paintings are based on ideas influenced by real-life situations and experiences, issues of everyday life to long-term influences during my life time, the transition from childhood to adulthood, the changes in relationships over a lifetime and the meaning that the passage of time imprints on all our lives. My work doesn’t necessarily have historical order and often mixing up and overlapping experiences from past to present.



House Sparrow original oil painting by Michael McEvoy

“House Sparrow” original oil painting by Michael McEvoy,  Awarded Highly Commended at the 2013 E.A.C. Art awards London


The Artist’s Inspirations

Painting in a way helps me make sense of life. The figurative artist records the experience of people. That moment of beauty, of humanity, imperfection, folly and fallibility are built in people for a reason. They make us beautiful, beyond the idealised and superficial is another level of humanity and one to which I have set my eye.
As an artist I will never be without inspiration as even alone, a human gazes back from the mirror. The style of my artwork is modern, yet classical / traditional /  realist and occasionally naive or impressionist and at times a mixture of styles.

Beautician original oil on canvas board by Michael McEvoy

Beautician original oil on canvas board by Michael McEvoy


The Artist’s Working Practices

The composition and technique I use is influenced and inspired by the realism and romanticism of my favourite renaissance Masters and their wonderful, timeless masterpieces and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.. Predominantly figurative the tendency of my artwork is towards carefully composed anonymity, capturing the emotions and self belief of the subject, rather than characteristic individual representation.

Bathing Belle original oil on canvas painting by Michael McEvoy

Bathing Belle original oil on canvas painting by Michael McEvoy

‘Bathing Belle’ took a commended rosette at L.E.A.M.A.C. 2013 open competition in Long Eaton Town hall

The Creative Process

The creation of figurative artwork not only depicts the emotions of the artist, it transforms the artist’s emotions. Also, it is far easier for all of us to carefully scrutinise figurative artwork and judge its anatomical accuracy, often creating a more personal understanding of specific favourite pieces. Figurative art has developed over many centuries into a universal yet adaptable language that can convey an ever-widening spectrum of human experiences, from high comedy to high tragedy to everyday events, and pretty much everything else in-between. It is both profound and accessible; it can be complex, multi-layered and rich in meaning and allusion, and yet remain rewarding to those who do not have art-world expertise.
My art provides continuity with my past whilst being relevant to the present, and does not pretend that we are divorced from history or from our cultural roots.
I hope you enjoy your journey.
best regards,
Michael McEvoy


We’d like to thank  figurative and portrait artist Michael McEvoy for sharing this glimse into his artistic world with our readers,  to visit Michael McEvoy collection of art for sale at The Artist Studio click here


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Sky Arts Portrait Artist Competition

March 30, 2013

Sky Arts Portrait Artist Competition

Portrait and figurative artists wanted for national competition

We’ve had an email from the people at Sky Arts Portrait Artist Competition who are looking for artists to enter this national competition, and we thought this may be of interest to our member artists at The Artist Studio and artist readers of our blog

Applications are now open, and the deadline for your entries is midday on 2 May 2013,  looks like a fantastic opportunity for all talented portrait artists out there!

Sky Arts portrait artist competition

Artists wanted for Sky Arts portrait artist competition



We would love you to take part and would be grateful if you would forward this to all budding competitors – either by mailing list, social media or word of mouth.


This competition is being filmed for a series on Sky Arts and is going to be presented by Joan Bakewell and Frank Skinner.


Best of luck to all who enter! let us know how you get on!

Click on the links to see all the details, FAQ’s, prizes to be won, and how to enter




The Artist Studio, online gallery of contemporary art for sale, to see our collection of art by our member artists, take a look at our figurative and portrait artists paintings for sale visit the figurative art gallery

Thanks for looking:)



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Buy paintings online give original art this Christmas

November 24, 2012

Buy Paintings online, give original art gifts this Christmas

Its nearly that special time of year again! are you searching for that perfect Christmas gift for friends or loved ones?  Well we’re feeling all festive here at and we’ve got our Art Gifts Exhibition online, give the gift of art, buy paintings online.

All the art is sent direct from the artists to your door, ready for you to wrap up, make someone special happy this Xmas, your present will be appreciated for many years to come, the gift of art isn’t just for Christmas, its going to last a lot longer than a box of chocs, although chocs as well would be perfect !

On a Day Like This LImited Edition Print by Simon Kenny

On a Day Like This LImited Edition Print by Simon Kenny

Art, paintings & prints for sale

We’ve selected some beautiful, colourful, original art, paintings and prints, to display in a special collection, our talented artists have been busy creating some fabulous artworks for art collectors looking to buy paintings online as a gift this Christmas.

Buy Paintings Online, Malachite Abstract Painting by Rachel McCullock

Malachite Abstract Mixed Media Painting by Rachel McCullock

Affordable quality art at The Artist Studio

When you buy paintings online at The Artist Studio you can be assured that you will be receiving a quality artwork, you have a money back guarantee, we’re sure you’ll love the art when you see it in person but if you aren’t completely happy then please return the art for a refund, all our artists create quality art at very affordable prices, we’re confident that the artworks will meet your expectations, and we want you to be delighted with your purchases

Visit to see all the original paintings & art prints in this collections of gift ideas for Christmas, click here to visit, many more wonderful paintings and prints can be viewed on the artist studio art gallery website, take a look! we hope you enjoy your visit!

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Art For Sale Original Paintings Online In Our Autumn Collection

October 26, 2012

Art For Sale, Autumn Themed Prints, Paintings to Buy Online

Our latest online art exhibition is on the theme of autumn, original paintings, prints and affordable art for sale, in our Autumn Art Collection our artists have created some wonderful art which we have chosen for this exhibition, we’ve selected some stunning art to show you, paintings and priints from the gallery to feature in a special collection of original art to view and buy online

Autumn Landscape Art For Sale For Your Home or Office

Autumn is a special time of the year, for many it is a favourite time as the landscape is enriched with the glorious colours of autumn leaves, the  golden sun setting on the horizon, a tree lined river scene, autumn landscapes with fields of gold,  whether you are looking for a traditional or classic landscape, maybe a view of a place that holds a special memory for you, or if you have visited the location on holiday, we have a large selection of art by artists here at

Art for sale, Autumn by Diana Shaul

Art for sale, Autumn by Diana Shaul

Artwork details: the vivid colours of autumn leaves at sunset, original landscape painting, acrylic on paper, size: 70 x 50 cm, the painting is unframed

Abstracts Colourful Contemporary Art

We also have on display original  semi-abstract paintings, contemporary abstract art for sale, with colour, shape and composition to convey the countryside vistas, with a palette of reds, orange, yellow and green and gold,  we’re sure to have an original landscape painting or abstract you’ll want to have on your wall to complete the decor of your living room, bedroom or home office space

Visit the gallery and see our Autumn Art Collection Click Here to view


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Paintings For Sale

October 21, 2012

Paintings For Sale From The Artist’s Studio

Here at the artist studio online art gallery our artists have created paintings for sale that are perfect for the walls of your home or office, are you looking for that finishing touch to complete your newly decorated house or flat? an original piece of art can be a real wow factor feature in your room, you can choose an artwork to fit in perfectly with the colour scheme you have chosen, many of our artists create paintings that are specifically designed to suit a modern contemporary interior

Art Styles And Subjects

Many contemporary artists are very knowledgeable in current design trends, artists are skilled and experienced in selecting their palette of colours, they choose colour combinations that they know work well together, they choose subjects to paint that they are passionate about and therefore the viewer can get a sense of the artists personality and emotional connection with the subject

Choosing Your Art

When choosing what painting to buy many factors can influence your choice of art, the internet has such a wide range of original art and paintings for sale, but your choice can be made easier if you have a general size in mind, and an idea of the colours you’d like in the piece

Paintings for sale, Blue Butterfly by Jo Grundy

Blue Butterfly by Jo Grundy

We have paintings for sale suitable for every room in your home, for the bedroom you may want to create a peaceful, relaxed, tranquil feel, so you could choose a painting with neutral calming colours, maybe a seascape with waves breaking on the beach, or in contrast, a bright colourful abstract, that would look great on the wall above your bed, you may want something modern, such as a contemporary cityscape for your home office, or a still life painting with flowers or fruit for your kitchen wall!

London Cityscape by Paul Chambers, Original paintings for sale

Artwork 1231 London Cityscape by Paul Chambers

We hope you find the perfect painting, or original art, that will give you many years of pleasure! visit our gallery and see what you can find!  View Our Original Art


© The Artist Studio 2012 All rights reserved

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Abstract Art for your Home or Office

October 18, 2012

Why Choose Abstract Art for your Home or Office?

Many art buyers mistakenly believe that abstract art is only for those with eclectic tastes and they hesitate to buy abstract paintings when they are decorating their homes or offices. Rather than look at abstract work as a complex art form, it is important for buyers to see these as a truer expression of the artist’s innermost feelings than traditional paintings. This is why abstract art may add that special touch to your office or home space that gives it a unique personality reflective of you.


Freedom of Expression

Unlike realism, abstraction does not have many boundaries. Free from traditional limitations, the abstract artist can allow his imagination to have free rein in each and every one of his paintings. Perhaps this is why even paintings created by the same abstract artist, over the same period of time, can be vastly different from each other in terms of concept, texture, colour usage, the mode of expression used, the medium and more. You can decorate your entire office with abstract art created by the same artist without making the collection appear monotonous at any point. At the same time, you will find synchrony in the basic strokes and colour palette of the artist which serves as a link between these paintings to give the interiors a cohesive design.

Abstract art Pisces Diptych by Rachel McCullock

Pisces Diptych by Rachel McCullock


Abstract for Traditional Environments    

Those with traditionally decorated homes and offices also often hesitate to buy abstract art. They fear that abstract is simply too dramatic or modern to blend in well with this kind of décor. The fact is that a boring traditional décor can be given a face lift by the artful placement of abstract art. The painting adds a modern touch to the environment without taking away the comfort or homeliness of the traditional décor.


An office environment necessarily needs to have a modern day persona and a few carefully selected abstract pieces can elevate a regular, run of mill office space into a uniquely different work area that has a distinct personality of its own. When it comes to home décor, abstract art speaks to the viewer and conveys a special message about the home owner. Abstract presents a unique opportunity to the proud home owner to demonstrate his or her taste in art and give expression to his or her latent artistic persona.


Not everyone is a gifted artist but bringing home an abstract painting allows you to experience some of the freedom and pleasure that the artist experienced while creating the work of art. It gives bland walls a touch of life and transforms a working or living space into a dynamic environment.

abstract art

Dawn Glow by Sharon Deegan


© The Artist Studio 2012 All rights reserved

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Seascape Paintings Artist Sandra Francis

October 13, 2012

Seascape Paintings by Featured Artist Sandra Francis

Our featured artist at The Artist Studio is Sandra Francis, Sandra has been painting all her life, living close to the sea has inspired the artist’s wonderful collection of original seascape paintings that she has available for sale in her online studio, the artist takes walks on the beach every day to take in these vistas, and then creates the seascapes that capture the beautiful subtle blues, silver greys and turquoise colours of the sea

Sandra has captured the peaceful atmosphere of a bright sunny day on the beach, she has completed many paintings with skilfully painted sailing yachts, and ships out to sea, with waves breaking, and the rocky or sandy beaches in the foreground

This painting we have selected to feature here is of one of the artist’s favourite beaches at Seagrove Bay, its an acrylic on canvas, quite a large piece at 102 x 41 cm, its ready to hang with no need for a frame as the edges are finished, click on the image to see details, more images and the price of this artwork

To see more of Sandra’s work visit her online studio, click on the link to view more of the artists original Seascape Paintings

Seascape Paintings Seagrove Bay Sandra Francis

Seascape Paintings Seagrove Bay Sandra Francis

If you would like to commission a painting by the artist contact us, or Sandra for a chat about your requirements

Sandra paints many other different subjects including abstracts and floral art, visit Sandra’s gallery where you will find many beautifully painted artworks perfect for your home or office wall

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Art tips for new artists – drawing

October 08, 2012

Tips for new & beginning artists – drawing

If you ask someone to draw you a picture, what is the most common response? Why, they’ll tell you they’re bad at drawing, of course! Many people mistakenly believe that they posses no artistic ability and are embarrassed to show their work. Don’t let this sort of attitude keep you from drawing like a pro!  All you need is a few basic tools and a true artist’s mindset.

The first step toward improving your artistic skills if you are a just beginning to create art is to take a deep breath and relax. Understand that your first attempts at “good drawing” may not be as impressive as you’d imagined. No one produces a Picasso on the first try! The key to becoming skilled is to have patience and enjoy the ride.

Once you’ve entered the right frame of mind, seek out the proper work place. Pick a spot where you feel comfortable and relaxed. If you can find a place where no one will bother you, that’s even better! A good artist knows that creativity will flow in an environment you enjoy. Also remember that part of making a calm environment is giving yourself a generous amount of time to practice. Feeling as though you are in hurry is never beneficial to the creative process.

Now you’re ready to pick an object to draw. Something with a simple form or basic shape is best. Do not start off trying to perfectly capture the form of that intricate cherub statue you love; this will only lead to frustration. A teapot, vase, or stack of books could be the ideal starting point.

Several blank pieces of paper and a sharpened pencil are all you need for this exercise—nothing fancy here! It is probably not worth your time to go out and buy an expensive sketchpad or expert’s pencils for these first few practice sessions. With such professional tools, you may feel pressured to immediately produce professional work. A regular number two pencil and an old notebook will work just as well for your purposes. As a beginner, don’t forget to allow yourself quite a few pieces of paper. You will feel more freedom to make mistakes if you know that you can easily start over again.

Once you’ve begun drawing, keep drawing! It is common as a new artist to want to constantly stop and evaluate your progress. This will often lead to discouragement if you don’t keep your artist’s mindset. The true artist knows that a work of art is not always “pretty” in its beginning stages. Also, pausing continually may interrupt your creative flow. Retain your focus and keep moving forward– you may be pleasantly surprised with the results.

In the end, you may find yourself less than delighted with your drawing. At this point, try to look at your work objectively rather than emotionally. It’s tempting to compare yourself with other artists, but be reasonable about evaluating your own skills at your current level of expertise. Also, make note of how you felt when you were drawing. Was it a relaxing experience, or were you concentrating too hard on the end result? Remember that for the majority of artists, the best work happens when they are more focused on the process rather than the product.

Following these tips and having an artist’s mindset the next time you want to practice your drawing skills will help you actually enjoy the processes and therefore become more motivated. Essential parts of a productive drawing experience include staying relaxed, setting up the right environment, and having the proper tools in place. Practice hard, and the next time someone asks you to draw a picture you can say with confidence: “Sure!”

Editor,  © The Artist Studio, 2012

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Artist Maureen Greenwood

October 04, 2012

Featured Artist Maureen Greenwood

The artist of the week at The Artist Studio is Maureen Greenwood,  Maureen is an Irish artist who lives and works in London, Maureen works in many artistic styles and mediums including oil and acrylic, she exhibits in galleries and art fairs around the UK,  and is currently accepting commissions, contact the gallery or Maureen if you have any enquiries

Maureen has many wonderful paintings in her online studio, pieces in all subjects,  including landscapes, seascapes, beautiful floral paintings, and large colourful abstract paintings, perfect for your contemporary living area

We’ve selected this work Blue Lagoon, this piece is an original abstract painting, in beautiful shades of  blue & turquoise, with free flowing shapes and swirls of  colour,  an ocean, sea, lagoon themed painting, its an acrylic on box canvas, it doesn’t need a frame so you can hang it up straight away, its quite a large painting at 75 x 75 cm, with confident expressive brush strokes and splashes of colour, the painting invokes a feeling of the deep blue sea, the blue colours create a calming peaceful mood, with the free flowing composition givng this piece energy, the painting has layers of beautiful luminous colours, a stunning abstract painting

Visit the gallery to see more of Maureen’s original Abstract paintings  > Abstract Paintings

Maureens biography page and links to all her galleries of original, affordable, art for sale in a wide variety of  subjects can be found here :  Maureen Greenwood

Blue Lagoon Abstract painting by artist Maureen Greenwood

Blue Lagoon Abstract painting by artist Maureen Greenwood

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The Artist Studio Art Blog

September 06, 2012

Welcome to art blog, we’ll be keeping you updated with news, updates from the gallery, who’s “In The Studio” and other news around the art world! thanks for visiting!

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