Why Choose Abstract Art for your Home or Office?

Many art buyers mistakenly believe that abstract art is only for those with eclectic tastes and they hesitate to buy abstract paintings when they are decorating their homes or offices. Rather than look at abstract work as a complex art form, it is important for buyers to see these as a truer expression of the artist’s innermost feelings than traditional paintings. This is why abstract art may add that special touch to your office or home space that gives it a unique personality reflective of you.


Freedom of Expression

Unlike realism, abstraction does not have many boundaries. Free from traditional limitations, the abstract artist can allow his imagination to have free rein in each and every one of his paintings. Perhaps this is why even paintings created by the same abstract artist, over the same period of time, can be vastly different from each other in terms of concept, texture, colour usage, the mode of expression used, the medium and more. You can decorate your entire office with abstract art created by the same artist without making the collection appear monotonous at any point. At the same time, you will find synchrony in the basic strokes and colour palette of the artist which serves as a link between these paintings to give the interiors a cohesive design.

Abstract art Pisces Diptych by Rachel McCullock

Pisces Diptych by Rachel McCullock


Abstract for Traditional Environments    

Those with traditionally decorated homes and offices also often hesitate to buy abstract art. They fear that abstract is simply too dramatic or modern to blend in well with this kind of décor. The fact is that a boring traditional décor can be given a face lift by the artful placement of abstract art. The painting adds a modern touch to the environment without taking away the comfort or homeliness of the traditional décor.


An office environment necessarily needs to have a modern day persona and a few carefully selected abstract pieces can elevate a regular, run of mill office space into a uniquely different work area that has a distinct personality of its own. When it comes to home décor, abstract art speaks to the viewer and conveys a special message about the home owner. Abstract presents a unique opportunity to the proud home owner to demonstrate his or her taste in art and give expression to his or her latent artistic persona.


Not everyone is a gifted artist but bringing home an abstract painting allows you to experience some of the freedom and pleasure that the artist experienced while creating the work of art. It gives bland walls a touch of life and transforms a working or living space into a dynamic environment.

abstract art

Dawn Glow by Sharon Deegan


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