In The Studio with Artist Michael McEvoy

Today we’re delighted to be featuring the art of award winning contemporary figurative artist Michael McEvoy

About the Paintings

My paintings are based on ideas influenced by real-life situations and experiences, issues of everyday life to long-term influences during my life time, the transition from childhood to adulthood, the changes in relationships over a lifetime and the meaning that the passage of time imprints on all our lives. My work doesn’t necessarily have historical order and often mixing up and overlapping experiences from past to present.



House Sparrow original oil painting by Michael McEvoy

“House Sparrow” original oil painting by Michael McEvoy,  Awarded Highly Commended at the 2013 E.A.C. Art awards London


The Artist’s Inspirations

Painting in a way helps me make sense of life. The figurative artist records the experience of people. That moment of beauty, of humanity, imperfection, folly and fallibility are built in people for a reason. They make us beautiful, beyond the idealised and superficial is another level of humanity and one to which I have set my eye.
As an artist I will never be without inspiration as even alone, a human gazes back from the mirror. The style of my artwork is modern, yet classical / traditional /  realist and occasionally naive or impressionist and at times a mixture of styles.

Beautician original oil on canvas board by Michael McEvoy

Beautician original oil on canvas board by Michael McEvoy


The Artist’s Working Practices

The composition and technique I use is influenced and inspired by the realism and romanticism of my favourite renaissance Masters and their wonderful, timeless masterpieces and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.. Predominantly figurative the tendency of my artwork is towards carefully composed anonymity, capturing the emotions and self belief of the subject, rather than characteristic individual representation.

Bathing Belle original oil on canvas painting by Michael McEvoy

Bathing Belle original oil on canvas painting by Michael McEvoy

‘Bathing Belle’ took a commended rosette at L.E.A.M.A.C. 2013 open competition in Long Eaton Town hall

The Creative Process

The creation of figurative artwork not only depicts the emotions of the artist, it transforms the artist’s emotions. Also, it is far easier for all of us to carefully scrutinise figurative artwork and judge its anatomical accuracy, often creating a more personal understanding of specific favourite pieces. Figurative art has developed over many centuries into a universal yet adaptable language that can convey an ever-widening spectrum of human experiences, from high comedy to high tragedy to everyday events, and pretty much everything else in-between. It is both profound and accessible; it can be complex, multi-layered and rich in meaning and allusion, and yet remain rewarding to those who do not have art-world expertise.
My art provides continuity with my past whilst being relevant to the present, and does not pretend that we are divorced from history or from our cultural roots.
I hope you enjoy your journey.
best regards,
Michael McEvoy


We’d like to thank  figurative and portrait artist Michael McEvoy for sharing this glimse into his artistic world with our readers,  to visit Michael McEvoy collection of art for sale at The Artist Studio click here


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