Paintings For Sale From The Artist’s Studio

Here at the artist studio online art gallery our artists have created paintings for sale that are perfect for the walls of your home or office, are you looking for that finishing touch to complete your newly decorated house or flat? an original piece of art can be a real wow factor feature in your room, you can choose an artwork to fit in perfectly with the colour scheme you have chosen, many of our artists create paintings that are specifically designed to suit a modern contemporary interior

Art Styles And Subjects

Many contemporary artists are very knowledgeable in current design trends, artists are skilled and experienced in selecting their palette of colours, they choose colour combinations that they know work well together, they choose subjects to paint that they are passionate about and therefore the viewer can get a sense of the artists personality and emotional connection with the subject

Choosing Your Art

When choosing what painting to buy many factors can influence your choice of art, the internet has such a wide range of original art and paintings for sale, but your choice can be made easier if you have a general size in mind, and an idea of the colours you’d like in the piece

Paintings for sale, Blue Butterfly by Jo Grundy

Blue Butterfly by Jo Grundy

We have paintings for sale suitable for every room in your home, for the bedroom you may want to create a peaceful, relaxed, tranquil feel, so you could choose a painting with neutral calming colours, maybe a seascape with waves breaking on the beach, or in contrast, a bright colourful abstract, that would look great on the wall above your bed, you may want something modern, such as a contemporary cityscape for your home office, or a still life painting with flowers or fruit for your kitchen wall!

London Cityscape by Paul Chambers, Original paintings for sale

Artwork 1231 London Cityscape by Paul Chambers

We hope you find the perfect painting, or original art, that will give you many years of pleasure! visit our gallery and see what you can find!  View Our Original Art


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